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Vice Chairperson

Committee on Poverty Alleviation
Committee on Foreign Affairs
Committee on Science and Technology

Representative Domingo “Domeng” C. Rivera – or “Pastor Domeng,” as he is commonly known to constituents – is the second nominee representative of Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Party-List. His life echoes the truth that “to serve God is to serve the country,” because he believes that no person can truly claim to passionately love and obey God without demonstrating genuine concern and compassion toward his countrymen through concrete acts of service.

Congressman Rivera was born to parents Lope Rivera, a jeepney driver, and Potenciana Castro, a house wife, in the town of Pandi in Bulacan. Despite being raised in a poor family and community, he strove to finish school by working while studying in order to land a high-paying job and career. However, his life direction changed after college when he felt the yearning and urge to serve the Lord and eventually accepted God’s call for him to become a pastor.

Congressman Rivera committed his life to full-time pastoral ministry in 1989. Over the years, his calling as a minister of the Gospel grew as he was also entrusted various positions and responsibilities within the body of Christ in the Philippines such as the chairmanship of Valenzuela for Jesus Movement (VJM); the chairmanship of Metro Manila for Jesus Movement (MMJM); and the secretary generalship of the Philippines for Jesus Movement (PJM). He also currently heads the Ministerial Association of the Philippines (MAP), a fast-growing network of Christian churches, bishops, and pastors spanning the entire nation.

Because of his more than three decades in public ministry, Congressman Rivera is not unfamiliar to the plight and condition of the Filipino people, especially the marginalized poor. In 1997, he joined and became a founding member of CIBAC. In CIBAC, he is known as “the mobilizer,” being highly skilled in organizing mass mobilizations that ensured public awareness of the causes CIBAC passionately advocated. He is largely the force behind CIBAC’s mass anti-corruption demonstrations in from the early to the late 2000s when election fraud and abuse of power was rampant in the highest echelons of the political landscape. He was also one of the lead organizers of CIBAC’s anti-pornography rallies and signature campaigns during those years. In 2008, his involvement in community service further deepened when he became a member of the Valenzuela City Development Council. His time with the Council became an avenue for him to enhance his appreciation of the complex economic and social problems besetting our country and the possible solutions that he may put forward.

Armed with a vast experience of ministry to the poor and community organizing and mobilizing, Congressman Rivera was given the honor to run as CIBAC’s second representative in the 2019 elections. With an overwhelming mandate that CIBAC received from the Filipino people, Congressman Rivera, together with CIBAC first nominee Deputy Speaker Rep. Eduardo “Bro. Eddie” C. Villanueva, became a member of the 18th Congress of the House of Representatives. In partnership with Deputy Speaker Villanueva, Congressman Rivera advances a legislative agenda that revolves around fighting graft and corruption, promoting good governance and transparency in government, and protecting the moral fiber of society.

In the House, Congressman Rivera was entrusted the vice chairmanship of the Committees on Poverty Alleviation, Foreign Affairs, and Science and Technology. Taking these responsibilities to heart, he pushes for the passage of the following measures:

  • House Bill 6593 – An Act providing poor job applicants a 20% discount in the payment of fees and charges for certain certificates and clearances issued by government agencies

  • House Bill 7701 – An Act declaring October 31 of every year as National Savings and Financial Literacy day

  • House Bill 8513 – An Act providing for a New Passport Law, repealing for the purpose Republic Act No. 8239, otherwise known as the “Philippine Passport Act of 1996”

  • House Bill 9143 – An Act institutionalizing the national policy on access, and benefit-sharing from the utilization of Philippine genetic resources and appropriating funds therefore

Happily married to Rosalina Parulan Rivera and blessed with two children, Rose Ann and Domingo Jr., Congressman Rivera is like every Filipino family man. He is committed to the pursuit of a better Philippines for the sake of his children and their children’s children. He believes that accomplishing this goal means championing good governance and moral transformation in the halls of Congress, for it is only through instilling integrity to the present generation can future generations inherit genuine progress and inclusive development.