About Us

Cibac PaRty-List

Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption Party-List (CIBAC) is a multisectoral organization composed of qualified voters bound together by similar interests or concerns in fighting the evils of graft and corruption and cronyism plaguing the government. It seeks to represent decent, law abiding and God-fearing citizens who are fed up with the rampant graft and corruption endemic in our society and who seek to do something constructive about it.



Based on the Party-List Law or R.A. No. 7941, a sectoral organization refers to a group of citizens or a coalition of groups of citizens who share similar physical attributes or characteristics, employment, interest or concerns.


1997 CIBAC was created by similarly-minded individuals coming from different sectors of the society (i.e. professionals, students, women) who wanted a corrupt-free government and society.


CIBAC then filed its Petition to Register with COMELEC


CIBAC has been registered with COMELEC

Goals and Objectives

  • Graft-free Government bureaucracy.
  • to advance social responsibility and corporate citizenship.
  • to promote an efficient and globally competitive democratic economic structure.
  • to uphold at all times the rule of law and of the majority, and to ensure that the people’s right to life, liberty and property is affirmed.
  • to cultivate a national philosophy that embodies the aspirations of the people and the national objectives.