CIBAC Rep. Bro. Eddie Villanueva welcomes Anti-Child Marriage Law

January 6, 2022

JAN 6, 2022

Citizens’ Battle Against Corruption (CIBAC) Partylist and House Deputy Speaker Rep. Bro. Eddie Villanueva lauds the enactment of a measure seeking to end child marriage in the country.

“Now that Republic Act 11596, or the Act Prohibiting the Practice of Child Marriage, is in place, we can more confidently and proudly say that the Filipino legal system protects and upholds the rights and welfare of children. After all, no less than our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal described the youth as the hope of the motherland. Ending child marriage ensures a brighter future for all Filipino children,” said Villanueva.

Villanueva and his fellow CIBAC Rep. Domeng Rivera are co-authors of the measure.

“Children who prematurely enter marriage, unprepared for its responsibilities, are more likely to have their potential and opportunities for better life thwarted. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty. Thus, anyone who forces or causes a child to be bound in an early unwarranted marriage must be punished,” Villanueva explained.

“The protection of young women against corrupting elements of society has always been a top priority for CIBAC like in the 16th Congress when CIBAC shepherded the passage of the Anti-Mail Order Spouse Law (RA 10906). Banning child marriage is another significant victory CIBAC shares with Filipino women and children,” added Villanueva, who sits as the House Deputy Speaker for Good Governance and Moral Uprightness.

“The youth are the franchise holders of the future. For them to play a vital role in nation building, they must be equipped with the right values and skills necessary for family life. Their legal protection from premature marriage is long overdue. RA 11596 is a most welcome good news to start year 2022,” said the CIBAC solon.

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