People’s Participation in Industry Cluster-based Programs and Projects Act(House Bill No. 1974)

December 4, 2021

An Act Institutionalizing Industry Cluster-Based Programs and Projects through Inter-Local Cooperation and People’s Participation and for Other Purposes

Taking into account the already undeniable inclusive growth brought about by collaboration or inter-local cooperation among LGUs and the private sectorand the potential development it can bring in the future, this bill aims to institutionalize the industry cluster-based approach, under the supervision of the DTI.

This bill also aims to establish effective mechanisms that will promote unity among the constituencies of the member LGUs by encouraging them to work together in pursuing industry cluster-based programs and projects. The benefits for industry cluster entrepreneurs include preferential access to low-interest government credit and priority in government-initiated product marketing and promotion programs as well as tax exemptions, to name a few.

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