Anti-Graft and Corrupt Practices Information and Education Bill(House Bill No. 581)

December 4, 2021

An Act Requiring the Inclusion of Anti-Corruption and Governance Education in Basic Education Curriculum and for Other Purposes

With corruption having been pervasively existing for many years without serious resolution, people have learned to get used to the environment of corruption which, in turn, creates a society tolerant to the evils of the government—including the youth.

This bill aims to require the teaching and inculcation, through incorporation in the curriculum of basic education, of the need of every person to participate in the fight against graft and corruption and the values necessary on doing it.

In the proposed bill, through the implementing rules from Department of Education (DepEd), in consultation with relevant stakeholders, basic education curriculum will include anti-corruption education, which shall, among others:

(a) Inform the students of the evils of corruption;

(b) Encourage the students to participate in the eradication of graft and corruption, and the important role of all citizens in fighting it;

(c) Provide the students with the appropriate skills and knowledge on the steps that can be undertaken in case graft and corruption occurs; and

(d) Inform the students of the right and responsibilities of citizens in governance.

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